I am a wife and Mum, I think I am ordinary but I found out something extraordinary when my eldest daughter got anorexia.  Having a child with anorexia is a bewildering and scary experience, they were saying it was a mental illness but it didn’t add up for me,  because I knew mental illnesses  like  bipolar disorder and schizophrenia  and  anorexia wasn’t  like them.   I really wanted to know what was  causing it and I set about searching  for the truth.

I want to say first off that I am very grateful to the NHS because they helped us as a family, they sectioned our daughter Leila (not her real name ) admitted her into a residential unit for teenagers  and we were  very grateful for their help . ( Anything I say on this blog  is in no way an alternative to traditional treatment  rather it is complementory )  However I  didn’t buy the given explanation of anorexia being  a mental illness,  one day I said to Leila  when she was in the throes of anorexia “What is it that’s driving you it’s demonic?”  after saying this  I paused and pondered on what I just said  then I went on the internet to see if any one else thought that. A couple of people did but it was an Asian Christian called Genoark  and his youtube video that helped me the most  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hYQeNsjc6E

So now  I  blog   to share my discovery with others – it is an unusual take I admit and I am going against the grain here  but it is the truth as I know it.   I try to incorporate  my art work to make it entertaining  and fun  to read


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