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Did you see the film The Exorcist ?  I saw it at the cinema when it first came out in 1974 me and my two best friends sneaked in we were 13 years old. It really scared me but my friends were laughing at the scary parts, I can still see my friend Pam’s face laughing and genuinely finding it funny when Regan’s head started rotating.  I felt such a wimp for being frightened by it but later on I understood why you see my friends Pam and Sue were Jewish so it had a completely different effect on them (I later found out my Dad was Jewish but that’s another story).  Everyone else was scared to the core by the Exorcist even grown men who may not have admitted it at the time,  my brother said only recently that he found it terrifying  I was in a shop the other week and a man there was saying how it scared him  and let’s bear in mind that kids can watch it online instantly which is very worrying, my daughter’s friend Tommy had seen it when he was about 11 yrs old and he was really  disturbed by it I told him to say the Lords Prayer when he felt scared and he would be safe which was a great comfort to him,  so it is still terrifying people today but WHY is it so terrifying ?

Leaving the cinema after seeing The Exorcist meant for many Christians that our safety net had just been taken away from us because the film had informed us that anyone even Christians were open to a demon or the actual devil entering and taking over us and there was nothing we could do about it –  that Priest tried and tried didn’t he ?  All to no avail ?  So we felt vulnerable and scared with the worse case scenario being that we would end up like Regan?  It sounds quite funny now but that’s how many of us felt and it was scary.  I had a crisis, not a religious crisis or a crisis of faith because I still believed in God but I see it now as a crisis of spiritual safety because the film made us doubt the strength of Jesus as our saviour against evil such as the devil or demons it was like our very souls were vulnerable. We now percieved ourselves as open targets for the devil to enter,  all this was felt subconciously we didn’t articulate it and analyse it we were just frozen with fear.    I was feeling  just how Hollywood wanted me to feel. We were  all feeling how Hollywood had designed us to feel –  helpless in the face of evil,  they degraded Jesus by making out  that His power was not strong enough to ward off evil. 

But Hollywood is a liar and Hollywood hates Jesus when you realise this everything starts to fall into place and make sense.

Let me digress for a moment  – I want to expand on Hollywood’s hatred of Christ  – have you noticed that in nearly every Hollywood movie the actors use the name Jesus as a curse,  as a swear word  like –  Jesus !   Jesus Christ !  ?  It’s the only time Jesus gets a mention in Hollywood films and they do this so people will copy  and also use the name Jesus as their go to curse word.  They are targeting  everyone especially young people,  they want them to mimic these cool actors and also say “Jesus!”   “Jesus Christ” as a swear word  and sadly this  ploy has worked,  you must have heard people in the street, acquaintances and friends  come out with “Jesus! ”   I wince whenever  I hear it and often it’s said by people who look like they have a Christian heritage – the very people that anti Christian Hollywood is targeting and these people seem to have no idea they have been programmed.  I was watching the film The Hangover recently on TV, they kept saying “Jesus!” throughout the film, the scene with the used condom in the car was particularly disgusting.

So back to The Exorcist and why we were so scared – I’m going to tell you now –  the reason why we were so terrified is because  the Priest FAILED to exorcise the demon out of the girl Regan – why did the Priest fail ? Because his faith was WEAK.  Belief in Jesus Christ is what fuels an exorcism, if you don’t have  100% faith in the power of Jesus when performing an exorcism it won’t work.  After watching The Exorcist we just assumed exorcisms didn’t work – when in fact they do, when there is 100% faith in Jesus an exorcism is easy I know because I did one – actually it was  prayers of delivernece to be precise, only a Catholic Priest can perform an exorcism but anyone can say prayers of delivernce.

So imagine an alternative ending to the film imagine the exorcism worked because the Priest’s faith in Jesus was 100% ?  We would be shaken after watching the film but because it all ended well,  good triumphed over evil,  the power of Jesus drove out the devil and the girl was restored to her normal self we would feel OK.  But Hollywood doesn’t want Jesus to be the hero and slayer of demons so they will never allow that  in their films.

Hollywood is very active in undermining Jesus in subtle, clever ways and they spend billions of dollars doing it.  They make lots of horror, Dark Fantasy,  occult  movies about demons but never show the power of Jesus beating these demons EVER  even though the ONLY  power on this earth that can get rid of demons is the power of JESUS.

Lets take a look at a few recent  demon movies from Hollywood and see how the demons were got rid of

Bedeviled (2016 film).png

In Bedeviled a demon comes through a mobile phone  app  and all who download it are stalked by an evil presence, after many deaths the evil  app is uninstalled by writing code so computer nerds save the day and get rid of the demon  not Jesus, does it end well ?  no because the leading character Alice starts using the evil app at the end of the film  – so the demon continues presumably.  That’s another thing with these films there is never happy ever after,  the endings are mostly a continuation of demonic activity,  probably inspired by the ending of Carrie – the  horror movie about telekinetic abilities.

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The Christian church is always a target,  in the horror film The Church a church has been built on the site of the massacre of devil worshippers in Medieval times, Evan a new librarian  unleashes a wave of evil by discovering a stone in the catacombs of the church,  the Bishop in this church ends up on the roof unleashing  the evil that has laid dormant for hundreds of years onto trapped visitors inside the church before committing suicide.  There is a good guy  in this film a Christian called Father Gus and he is the one who ultimately stops the evil – does he stop the evil by the power of Christ ?  No Father Gus stops the evil by pressing a self destruct button that was  built by  the architect of the church.


Why we never got to see a Constantine sequel

The film Constantine stars Keanu Reeves as John Constantine an occult detective, honestly this is such a mishmash of half demons half angels, heaven, hell, and more  with everyone doing the opposite of what they normally do including Lucifer the devil  being a hero. The blood of Christ features – just to give it  some authenticity – but it appears on the devil’s son’s sword which he plans to take over the world with – therefore making Christ’s blood an accomplice of the devil’s son and his evil plan? ( yeah right) And Lucifer is the healer of Constantine’s lung cancer.  Its all hogwash but when you get Keanu Reeves, along with impressive visuals and interesting characters  people will  go along with this anti Christian pro Lucifer narrative.  There is actually an online petition to get Keanu Reeves to play Jesus in Lucifer the Netflix  TV series  I can’t see that happening,  but it’s good to see people reacting against this drip feed of evil being played by good looking actors.

La renaissance des stars - Keanu Reeves  He never ages....

Imagine if  Keanu Reeves did play  Christ – think of how many young people would turn Christian after watching,  that’s how influential Hollywood is but Hollywood uses it’s influence to promote Lucifer and downgrade Jesus. So Christians are portrayed as losers who never get the girl and they get the best actors such as Al Pacino and Robert de Niro to play the devil – Al Pacino played the devil in The Devil’s Advocate and De Niro played the devil in Angel Heart.

When Priests appear in these Hollywood films they are often drunks and the exorcisms don’t work and/or go horribly wrong as in the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Exorcism of Emily Rose Posters at

In the film the girl presumed possessed  dies during the exorcism and the Priest is on trial for murder, Hollywood is very keen to show failed Christian exorcisms and exorcisms resulting in death. This brings to mind a true case in Spain in 2015 of a Priest exorcising a girl who had anorexia which her parents believed was demonic oppression and requested the Priests intervention.

The fact that the Priest performed an exorcism 12 times suggests that it was a failure and was planned to be a failure right from the start, because it isn’t just Hollywood that wants everyone to believe Christ powered exorcisms are ridiculous and don’t work  – so does the mainstream media  –  the case of the Spanish Priest exorcising the girl with anorexia  got media coverage all over the world  – so the message they put out was clear – it was a warning that nobody should ever take exorcisms seriously or worst still  think the epidemic of  anorexia is caused by demons.  The media  presented this case as a deranged  Priest whose behaviour ended in his arrest by police.  I think this was staged and given global coverage to nip in the bud any idea that anorexia is caused by demonic activity.  Anorexia the eating disorder has baffled medical professionals for over 40 years,  it was classified as a mental illness in the 1980s  it is a very sinister  illness,  many get a voice that befriends them at first  then when it has their trust it turns evil telling them to not eat, to over exercise and also to kill themselves many anorexic deaths are by suicide. People suffering from anorexia call the anorexic voice ( which is drug resistant ) Ana or ED sounds like a perfect plot for a Hollywood horror film deosn’t it?    There is no known cause of  anorexia and no know cure it is a creepy mystery illness yet less than a million pounds is spent on research into anorexia in UK each year so it’s a mystery that seemingly the movers and shakers of investment into medical research are in no hurry to solve.  My daughter got anorexia and if you have read any of my other posts  you will know that I believe – I know –  that anorexia is indeed caused by demons,  we got rid of the demon that was telling her to starve herself  by praying to Jesus –  it just left her.   So hiding in plain sight all around us are people with anorexia who are the real ones oppressed by demons. The trouble is we aren’t taught anything about demons in schools, colleges or universities if demons are refered to we are told that demons were around in medieval times but not today which is a complete lie demons live in the air around us we just can’t see them most of the time,  here is a demon caught on cctv the guys that uploaded this think it is a ghost btw this is also what Lucifer would look like if we saw him undisguised.


So the existence and dangers of demons are either denied or kept hidden only Hollywood addresses demons with their crazy horror films.  Hollywood, the media, TV,  education culture etc are collectively going to great lengths to stop us taking demons seriously they are also hiding two very important facts regarding demons and Jesus one is that exorcisms by the power of Jesus Christ work and the other is that anyone who loves and follows Jesus –  who lives in Christ 24/7 –  is safe from demons  I only found this out a few years ago, I find this amazing and incredible and feel it should be shouted from the rooftops, I wish I had know this when I saw The Exorcist,  imagine if there was a notice on the screen before watching the Exorcist that said


Jesus was left out of the film The Exorcist there was no mention of the power of Christ to put everything right and banish the devil,  they didn’t want viewers to assosiate demonic possession with Jesus. 

The Catholic church apparently has an exorcist for each diocese,  in 2014 Pope Francis made exorcisms an official practice of the Catholic church a new school has opened in the Vatican for Catholic priests to learn how to become exorcists, only Catholic priests are allowed to recite the special Catholic exorcism prayers but anyone can recite a deliverence prayer.  According to the Bible anyone who loves and follows Jesus has the authority to cast out demons and of course demons are mentioned many times in the Bible.   It must be very difficult though to actually diagnose demonic oppression so how do they do it?  First of all they have to rule out mental illness,  one thing mental illness has in common with demonic oppression is hearing voices –  you see demons can talk to their victims so if someone presents as hearing voices it is either an halluncinatory voice due to mental illness such as schizophrenia or psychosis or it’s a demon’s voice that they are hearing.  The way to find out if the voice is from a demon or mental illness is you treat the person with antipsychotic drugs which will silence an hallucinatory voice but not a demons voice,  the “anorexic voice” aka Ana which tells victims to starve themselves to death is drug resistant.

The voice of a demon is it’s main feature,  with it’s voice a demon befriends, seduces and tricks  it’s victims to get their trust so they can enter them and take control. Demons also enter a person without talking to them they give their victims urges and impulses which the victim mistakes as their own.   Regan played the ouija board and there encountered Captain Howdy who was the devil in disguise,  this is how the devil entered Regan she trusted Captain Howdy and allowed it in.  People think demons can do all sorts of weird things but a demon’s abilities are limited.  In The Exorcist the demon/ devil enabled  Regan to rotate her head, jerk her body back and forth violently, and shake the bed amongst other supernatuaral acts but in reality a demon can’t do any of these things  it can’t make it’s victim spew out  green vomit either although when a demon is exorcised out of someone they often  excrete nasty stuff.  I am not going to say that a demon can’t make it’s victim levitate because demonic yoga practises seem to sometimes involve levitation, and I am no authority on that.   Although demons can talk to their victims they can’t use their victims as a conduit for their voice like in The Exorcist,  demons can’t make their victims do a spider walk either – edited out of The Exorcist were scenes of Regan doing a “spider walk” down the stairs –  this was fascinating to BBCs film critic  Mark Kermode who made a documentory about The Exorcist his all time favourite  film which is misleadingly called  The Fear of God – it’s misleading because  the Exorcist is all about the fear of the devil not God ?   Demons can’t kill someone either ( just as ghosts can’t ) but demons can pursuede someone to kill themselves through talking to them or giving them ideas of suicide as in anorexia the “anorexic voice” aka Ana suggests suicide to victims (anorexia has the highest death rate in all mental illnesses).  Ana manipulates the thinking of it’s victims to the extent they think being deathly skinny is attractive and when they look in the mirror they see themselves as fat even though they are underweight. 

                                        I get fan mail from young girls asking how to look like me… but I won't  teach them to die' – The Sun

                                         anorexia is true demon oppression

William Friedkin the director of The Exorcist  had a field day with his hatred of Christianity getting Regan to shove a crucifix into her crotch , the language is unbelieveable too even today “your mother sucks ***** in hell ” which is what  Regan says  is shocking,  Friedkin  just rode roughshod all over Christianity and misrepresented what demons can and cannot do, demons have the same skill set as angels because that’s what they once were only now they use their skills to work against God instead of for Him.

So that’s why  William Friedkin’s film was so scary – he showed a failed exorcism – it’s as simple as that,  a successful exorcism is a wonderful thing I mentioned that I said prayers of delivernce with my daughter who had anorexia I didn’t know what would happen but I have 100%  faith in Jesus so I prayed and shouted at it to get out of my daughter then my daughter burped and said I have to spit this sh** out which she did and that was it – it had gone from her – it happened in our front room one sunday afternoon in November 2014 afterwards I couldn’t stop smiling I kept thinking was that an exorcism?   It was actually quite funny and  amusing  I was on a high for days / weeks after,  I was exhilarated for so many reasons – Ana had left my daughter ( she has remained free from anorexia ) it was proof of Jesus and His power even though I didn’t need proof it was the greatest feeling  to witness it,  and to think anyone can do it,  we are being kept in the dark about demons and the power of Jesus if anything we are encouraged to think demons are powerful and Christ is weak when really the opposite is true.


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