Anorexia, Lucifer and demons

So what is  the connection between Anorexia, Lucifer and demons  ?

First  lets consider Lucifer , when we think of Lucifer , Satan, the devil whatever  you want to call him , we think of a scary  monster with horns and red eyes but Lucifer was an attractive male angel – an archangel.  He was charming  and persuasive he persuaded 200 other angels to  reject God   he did this by offering them better positions  if they worked for him and other rewards, they were so convinced by Lucifer that they joined him  in his rebellion against God their creator.

So  Lucifer and his gang rebelled against God  and  failed miserably then  were  thrown out of heaven.  But they didn’t go to a burning pit of hell,  they instead are amongst us living in the atmosphere that we live in.  If we could see them we would see dark clouds or shadows moving in the air, here is one caught on CCTV


Air is the element demons live in .   Demons turned  from angels serving God  into dirty spirits / demons   working against Him, their mission is to turn as many people as they can away from God.   I never gave demons a second thought before my daughter got anorexia, I never questioned if they existed or not I simply wasn’t interested.  Finding out that demons are behind anorexia was  weird,  removing one was quite an  experience too also it was proof  – even though I didn’t need proof  it felt good to have it – that Jesus is real and demons are real.  I live in UK which is a Christian country ,  being Christian means believing in the Bible and the Bible mentions demons many times,  Jesus cast out demons and so did His Disciples in fact anyone who believes and follows Jesus can cast out demons and I am testament to that  I did it in 2014 not the Middle Ages.  We are fed this notion that Christianity happened in the Middle Ages demons existed in the Middle Ages – all concocted by Human Secularists and atheists that want rid of Christianity in UK  today – yes it existed they  will allow that but back in the Middle Ages not today – all lies – makes you think they are working for Lucifer too.

Demons are constantly on the lookout for victims and  everyone who is separate from God is a legitimate target for them, but  they can’t touch people who LIVE  in Christ  – this is  mindblowing  isn’t it ? Yet hardly anyone knows it.  Our love for Jesus protects us from demons and satan , I wish I knew this when I saw the film The Exorcist .

I believe / know that these demons are the cause of  the anorexia  epidemic today.   Demons don’t approach someone and say   “I am a demon who wants to kill you by persuading you to starve yourself to death – let me in ? ”  if they did people would  run from it  – no, demons disguise themselves as friendly, sweet, helpful entities, they approach vulnerable people who desperately need support and who may  welcome the demons in disguise as a lifeline –  that’s how demons get in.

They approach   their victims with  a  friendly voice or present as urges within the  host / victim which the victim will “experience” as   their own “instinct” especially if they are very young.    Promises – of weight loss, of companionship of fun are offered,  they know  their victims  desires and they play on them, you could even say they know the victim better than they know themselves.  Demons were once angels remember so they have a unique and special skill set.

demons are dark shadows or dark spiky clouds in the air around us

The main point I am making here is that demons don’t  approach  as scary monsters they make overtures in a friendly persuasive manner , for many anorexic teenage victims “Ana” comes across as a “popular girl” type of voice (albeit a bit hissy )  the sort  of friend that everyone at school   wants on their side.  I have  wondered what gender Karen Carpenters anorexic demon pretended to be – I  tend to think the demon posed as a male – the type of male she seemed to want  and was  vulnerable to .   Demons aka  “Ana”  or ED are  a great support and confidant in the beginning  it’s only after  it gets a tight grip that it reveals it’s true nature , then it will be screeching at it’s victim to not eat , to exercise like mad and even to kill themselves,  anorexia has a high death rate and many if not most of these deaths are from suicide. Ana will urge  victims to cut themselves, to  throw themselves under a bus, to hang themself saying they are worthless , fat etc,  a shocking number of  weight restored anorexics kill themselves too , so distressed are they to have the dreaded  weight on – it goes against everything Ana has instilled in them.   Demons leave destruction and death in their wake  that  is their mission,  they  get their  victims to kill themselves slowly by starvation or suicide.  Also they work together as a team here is a post from a teenage girl saying how she had one demon who went  away and was replaced by another, that could be the case or maybe the demon changed it’s voice to a different  gender.

I can’t say that I have experienced the truth  about Lucifer and his story  but I have had a run in with demons on a few occasions  now and I KNOW without doubt  they exist.  I accept  the  Biblical  explanation of the origin of demons,  the alternative  by atheist societies  is denial  that demons  along with God and Jesus  even exist and  any challenge to  this narrative is met with accusations of insanity.   Some say demons only existed in medieval times  as I said earlier they want Christianity  to be left in  the very distant past and  not  be part of the future, their mantra is that science replaces religion yet   scientists can’t explain the origins of the universe even Stephen Hawking  can’t,  I once  met a  vicar  who was a top science University  lecturer and he gave up his job as a scientist to become a vicar because  science  couldn’t explain everything for him

Demons can  move in and out of the victim,  they are fluid,  but keep well hidden.         The medical profession  insist the ED / Ana  voices  that  many  people with anorexia  hear is the person’s own “inner voice “.    Yet if they are prescribed anti psychotic drugs to drown out the  anorexic  (demon ) voice  – guess what ?    –   it has NO EFFECT    because the anorexic voice is not an audio hallucination – it is  real whereas schizophrenic voices are audio hallucinations manifested from a chemical imbalance / mental illness.

As I have stated on my home page I don’t want to go against traditional therapy which is essential and I respect and value that.  I just want to put forward my point that you can fight (alongside traditional therapy) anorexia through prayer – I don’t mean you have to go to church and become a goody two shoes – that isn’t what Christianity is about.  I would just like you to consider Jesus as a powerful  resource, a very influential friend – of course he is more than that He is  the son of God  but to start off just think   of Him as a friend   looking out for you , He really cares about you  and  Ana is  terrified of Jesus   – even just His name .  she is toast when Jesus gets on  on your case.  All demons know who Jesus is   – everything is the spirit world does – if demons come across Jesus they flee  if you invited Jesus into your heart Ana would immediately be evicted because both cannot reside in the same place.  You probably have never considered Jesus as a shield against Ana before and why would you – Jesus is portrayed as a loser in our increasingly secular society.  But if you ignore  the bad PR of Jesus and ask Him into your heart  you will be surprised at how powerful and good  He really is, and He wants to help – He loves you ?

I have to point out that even  when / if you get rid of Ana  you still have a very messed up mindset  left to deal with.  People who chose recovery need an awful lot of support , they can’t feed themselves because they are so used to denying themselves for Ana.  So  help with portion size is important and a meal plan has to be adhered to for as long as it takes. Another danger is bulimia, 40% of anorexics turn into bulimics – they start eating again but can’t stop – this is where Mia steps in – she wants to ruin  you just like Ana but by shame and guilt  of overeating , the suicide rate of  people suffering from bulimia is EVEN higher than people suffering from anorexia.   Also because  Ana brainwashes her victims to think they are overweight when they are really  ultra skinny people in recovery will find it incredibly difficult to be weight restored , many commit suicide at this point.

Ana works on victims   at a  deep subconscious  level and to change this warped mindset sometimes it may help to go to that  deep subconscious level to fix it and the best way to do that is through hypnotherapy so  if you can find a good hypnotherapist – which isn’t easy and they are expensive I think this can be a good way  to erase  Ana’s destructive habits and replace with good ones.

So recovery isn’t easy but it is the only way  – the alternative is living with Ana for maybe the rest of your life – a life spent under the control of Ana?   They say anorexia is about control and that is true but it is Ana who has the control not the host.



Bulimia the hidden epidemic

Coastal research 4205

This post is going to focus on  Bulimia,  I have wondered for a while now  if  “Mia” is a demon like Ana,  and  having  just read the  book  Catherine  A Tragic Life by Maureen Dunbar in which  Catherine  had anorexia and bulimia it is clear to me that Mia is indeed a demon just  like Ana with the same endgame – destruction  and death – she just goes about it a different way

Bulimia  (BM) and anorexia  (AN) often  co exist,  many people with anorexia go on to  develop bulimia.   Anyone  with anorexia who wants  to go back to normal  will  soon  find out that  it isn’t that simple  because you have been altered by Ana,  and the road to recovery is full of pitfalls one being the  40-50 %  chance of developing bulimia,  so just when you think you have said goodbye to Ana  Mia  may walk into your life and she is  every bit as evil as  Ana.


We know the dangers of anorexia and have a rough idea of the high suicide rate but it is less well known that  bulimics are even  more likely to commit suicide  than anorexics  the shame,  loss  of control  and self disgust is so desperate that it often pushes them to take their own lives.   I think bulimia co existing with  anorexia  must be the worst – it is so cruel to brainwash someone to idealize skeletal features and then  push  them into an addictive  binge and purge cycle that undoes all the “hard work” they accomplished from  starving themselves  – for Ana – but  cruel doesn’t even begin to describe ED demons aka Ana, Mia  and ED and the pain they inflict on their victims, families and loved ones.  Let there be no mistake here they are out to kill  – that is their mission –  but they can’t  physically  kill their victim  they can only get their victim to kill themselves by starvation,  bulimia,  low self esteem and  resulting suicide, bulimia  suicides are  from the shame of  binge eating –  the opposite of what  Ana brainwashed them to do.   Ana doesn’t really care  about or   value skinnyness – she just wants victims to care –  so much so they will die in pursuit of it  you see it’s just a means to an end for Ana and Mia.

Demons work together as a team so they will decide to use the same tactics for example  a few months ago there was a craze amongst anorexics to look like a pixie,  impish with big eyes, well demons put that in their heads another  demonic  trend  during the early 90s was anorexics binging on raw offal  (I kid you not ) I read at least 2 accounts of young females with anorexia binging on raw offal – kidneys, heart,  liver etc and then dying from it – an emancipated body cannot withstand an  overload of foreign, bloody, raw offal  so death is most likely  – at the time I was aghast as to what made them do  such a thing  and now I know why  – Ana and Mia suggested it.

Bulimia is invisible as  the person  suffering  from BM looks normal  because  they aren’t usually underweight and this is  the reason  bulimia doesn’t get the attention that it desperately needs.   Whereas it’s  visibly obvious  that someone is suffering from AN if they have a low BMI   less so  when they are weight restored,  the most common mistake people make however  is to  asume  an anoretic is  back to normal  when they are weight restored  –  because they aren’t –  the demon is still controlling them either by urges or by actually talking to them , suicide often occurs at this point – so distraught are they at the weight they have gained.  But bulimia may be part of recovery for many  people with anorexia and although it can be dangerously addictive most  people will outgrow it and so you must have faith that you will outgrow it and that  it is a temporary phase whilst your body adjusts to eating properly again.

You only need to be  under the spell of anorexia for a short time to get  messed  up  by it and I think this is what happened to Princess Diana,  for a while there was a lot of  speculation  that Diana had anorexia,  it went away and then later she said she suffered from bulimia,  Diana was well known for trying many different treatments and alternative therapies  I think she  even had hypnosis  at one point, was she searching for a cure for the  bulimia ?   Towards the end of her life I think she may have beaten it – this is  all just guesswork  on my part btw.

Diana tried many alternative therapies was she searching for a cure for bulimia ?

Anorexia  demons have a clever set of tricks and one of them is to disable the  gauge that tells us  we  have had enough to eat  so  anyone wanting  to recover and is ready to embark on normal eating  will find themselves  clueless as to what constitutes a normal  portion  and  incapable of allowing   themselves to eat and enjoy food even if they want to.  When they eventually do  start eating  and enjoying food  they  may find they  cannot stop and that they have stepped onto the roller-coaster of binge eating and purging – bulimia.

Catherine Dunbar  suffered from AN and BM  her  mother Maureen Dunbar wrote the book  Catherine A Tragic Life  


this is a compelling and tragic  account of Catherine’s decent into anorexia  including writings  from Catherine’s diaries.  Mia was raging in Catherine,  she  shoplifted and stashed away masses  of  food in preparation for  mamouth  binges in the evening which would go on into the small hours  this youtube video explains how Mia operates

and here is a google image page of  typical binge food hauls

Catherine had faith though and the most interesting part of the book was when Catherine was in a hospital run by nuns and she saw the demon –  she didn’t call it a demon – here is an exert

Coastal research 4207

 I am not suggesting that everyone who binges has the devil inside them ?  But it is obvious Catherine had a demon controlling and oppressing her.  Demons when they first come on to someone present themselves as  friendly spirits, kind and supportive – this is how they trick and deceive  their victims  to let them in,  no one would allow a demon in if it appeared as it really is –  an evil malevolent dark cloud   – that’s why demons disguise themselves as good spirits,  once they get in they will get their victim on the road of destruction and death.  Catherine didn’t suspect the urges driving her were from  a demon because when she let it in all those years ago  it seemed so friendly and helpful and  it  went on to became very much a part of herself  – even when  she saw the evil entity around her she  didn’t equate it with the dark urges she had within her.

Coastal research 4208

There was a play  based on this book – did the demon get mentioned in it ? I doubt it very much – we are told by secularists that demons don’t exist except in medieval times  but the Bible mentions demons,  Jesus cast out demons,  also it is written in the Bible that anyone who believes and follows Jesus can cast out demons  and  I can testify to that.  It is the strength of belief in Jesus that powers an exorcism, an exorcism doesn’t have to be done by a priest in a black robe with a crucifix either  the above exert illustrates how powerful prayer is  in the fight against demons the above exert is  in fact an exorcism because the nun and Catherine drove out the demon with the strength of their belief in Jesus.  But sadly  they didn’t  make  the connection  between Catherine’s  dark desires inside her and the “evil presence around her”  they didn’t link the starving and binge eating cycle   to the “evil presence”.  Once a demon has been cast out you have to be vigilant to keep it out because it will try to get back in –  the only way to be safe from demons  is to  be close to Jesus He has to live in your heart.

In Catherine’s case they kept successfully  driving the demon out by prayer only for Catherine to allow  it in  all over again – the reason why she did this is – mistaken identity –  Catherine mistook the demon  (which she had had within her for a long time ) as a friend not a foe because the demon disguised itself  as a  helpful benign entity  – that’s how they get in – through trickery.

Demons and Jesus can’t co exist in the same place one has to leave and it is always  demons because they are nothing but grovelling dirty spirits in comparison to Jesus’s almighty power  they know Jesus  is the son of God and they fly away  when Jesus appears .   Yet  Catherine did love Jesus but  her case shows how she was tricked constantly by the demon,  she internalised what she thought was a friendly  spirit  but it took control of her and made her mistake it as part of herself , she carried through the urges it gave her,  she obeyed  the “dark desire ” for thinness and death   It is easy for me to say all this today but back then in the 1980s  anorexia was a new baffling phenomenon.

AN  was classified as a mental illness in the 1980s but it isn’t a mental illness like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder ( demons don’t cause either of them btw ) anorexia is a sick mind but it has been made sick by an evil entity  however I can’t see this  explanation ever being taken seriously though even though people are dying of both anorexia and bulimia every day.

The stats show that  more people  suffer from bulimia than anorexia  it is an addiction for millions of people so what can be done ? The good news is bulimia is often successfully treated by hypnotherapy  but you need to get a really good hypnotherapist and they don’t come cheap, hypnosis is more successful for treating bulimia than anorexia,  find a hypnotherapist that has experience and  proven success in treating bulimia and ask for a free consultation.    Really NHS and private companies should use hypnotherapy for bulimia I know that NHS uses hypnotherapist to get cancer patients to eat so why don’t they use hypnotherapists for bulimics to stop eating so much ?


 here is a free hypnosis video on youtube – I haven’t watched it all btw so can’t really vouch for it

You must really want to be cured from bulimia and then you must believe that you can be cured.  If you get a voice telling you to binge then it may be you have a demon oppressing you and I suggest you ask for Jesus to save you from it – if you ever call on Jesus He will be with you instantly and will be  there for you for as long as you ask Him to be – let Jesus help you -you don’t have to be bullied by a demon there is help available  obvs I recommend having a relationship with Jesus 24 / 7 but it is up to you

Lastly my top tip for staying slim is walking  – you lose more weight  walking than running or going to the gym – which pumps you up.

Make sure that you enjoy the  food you eat,  enjoy  it and feel satisfied, don’t deny yourself food during normal meal times bc that is the time to eat – breakfast , lunch , dinner,  if you get cravings to binge in the evening allow yourself a starchy snack at about 10pm bc this will help you sleep – I have something like a piece of toast – get into deep breathing bc it will flood your brain with oxygen

breathe through your nose, filling your lungs with  air  , expanding your rib cage  to hold as much air as you can – hold  this air for as long as you comfortably can –  then breathe slowly out of your mouth , purse your lips as you do so –  repeat 3-5 times

Listening to music is a good distraction  maybe you could dance to the music  to distract you from binge eating ? below  are some of my current favourites

So to sum up  – after restricting many go to the opposite end  ie binge eating   but  don’t panic, or be bewildered it is better to be eating than restricting  especially if  you have chosen recovery  above all DON’T FEEL GUILTY AND PLEASE NEVER CONSIDER SUICIDE – keep faith that it will all work out in time and that binge eating is part of the process of recovery for some people – if you do gain too much remember  walking is the best way to lose weight just make sure you have enough iron

good luck everyone – you can  do this



Did these dark kids films pave the way for anorexia Ana to creep into kids ?

My two daughters both saw Tim Burton’s film The Corpse Bride when they were in Junior school  at the time I thought it looked creepy but allowed  them  to see it at home on DVD , same with Nightmare before Christmas and Coraline which really creeped out my eldest daughter.   They  were both under the impression  that it was the cool thing to do –  to watch these creepy films and when I look at them now I am angry that Hollywood got one over us and filled our daughters heads with this dark sinister “entertainment”.     Look at the skeletal arms of  The Corpse bride – look familiar ?   It’s Ana’s ideal glamorized and packaged for kids.   Children’s minds are like sponges they absorb images, and whilst I think  children’s fiction can teach kids about bad stuff in life these films make  the creepy  characters the good side.  The film is saying there is nothing wrong with skeletal arms and bodies – it’s saying  ” it’s  even  quite amusing and cool don’t you think ?”  The film is presenting skeletal as acceptable , friendly , cute , fun like I say when I look at these films now it is so obvious to me and I wonder did these creepy films pave the way for anorexia ?  Because our eldest daughter went on to develop anorexia and so did our youngest for a short time.



Coraline is a moody, bleak ,  sinister film,  how the heck did they get away with passing it off as a kids film? I think if it was released  today there would be a backlash.  The film is all to do with a parallel  life,  a controlling unseen malevolent entity  and people not being who they appear to be , manipulation is at the centre , it is horrible and seriously scary.  Does this look like Ana to you ?


Nightmare before Christmas – released to counter the Christian message no doubt – and again romanticizing  skeletons – making them look cute.  Today I was looking at anorexia images on Pinterest where there are so many excellent depictions of evil Ana,  later I was clearing out a cupboard and a badge with Jack Skeleton from Nightmare before Christmas fell on the floor,  I looked at it and remembered  that Rachael made a picture of Jack Skeleton  quite a big one , I threw it out after she got anorexia because I was suspicious of it , I wondered if it contributed to her developing  the illness. When I looked at the  badge today it struck me that the imagery /  theme  was very  similar to all the scary images of AN on Pinterest  and exactly the same mood ?

So did those films contribute and pave the way for Ana’s entrance  ?  When Ana approached  kids in a friendly manner and told them how good it is to be skinny had they already been groomed by these films and therefore didn’t see Ana as the  destructive , deadly force of evil that she really is ?




How anorexia demons creep in

Anorexia  demons can creep in when someone is  vulnerable,  desperate  or alone.  Maybe they are alone because they have no friends or have  been  bullied,  they may be desperately anxious or frightened,   for whatever reason demon Ana can find  vulnerable  victims to prey on.

But  these demons will come across  at first as  fun and supportive  – more like angels  than demons. These demons groom and bond with their victims  in the beginning and together they  usually have  rebellious,  fun times,  the victim will often feel empowered  by this new “friend”  and will be very loyal to “Ana”  Ana knows victims innermost needs  and knows what kind of friendship they  respond to ,   Ana knows what kind of help victims need  and will offer it .  Victims will be so thankful for this support not knowing it could be the death of them.

This is how Ana gets in and gets control  but after a while she will  turns  nasty telling  victims not to eat and will  eventually suggest suicide too.

Anorexia demons are  in the form of  an airborne,  cloud -like, shadowy entity that we can’t see most of the time but sometimes  may get glimpses,   they may   communicate by a voice actually speaking to their victim or for others communication manifests  as thoughts that the victim will experience and  as suggestions popping up in their mind that they feel compelled to follow.

Anorexia  can  also begin  when  someone  is despairing over their body , wishing they were slimmer,  they have probably spent time scrolling over social media which will leave  them feeling fat and inferior compared to  all the girls flaunting their perfect slim bodies and this can be the time they resolve to go on a diet  – this is when Ana appears.

And if we could see them this is what demons look like



So as the potential victims of anorexia  are resolving to skip lunch the demon   for example will sneak  in  a suggestion such as “why not skip breakfast too” this will present as the  strong urge  I  mentioned earlier or an actual voice. If the victim is really young they can mistake the thought / urge/ suggestions  that the demon sends them as their own  “instinct” and will go along with it, I think this manifestation  is the most dangerous because the demon entwines itself  around the host and makes the host / victim identify the demon as an intrinsic component of their personality , this is what the demon wants because control is easy this way.   When Ana the  demon presents as a voice it is usually the voice of a popular girl  (albeit  a bit hissy) the kind of friend most teens follow.   These demons are expert at getting in  because they befriend the victim with promises of friendship and support, an agreement seems to be made between them and the demon  expects full commitment  in return the victim will be slim and perfect.

In the beginning  anorexia  is a heady , exciting time for the victim, because the victim seems to be empowered, is  losing weight  and has a new friend, therefore feels  more attractive, successful, popular  and lovable.

So yes my own daughter  Leila was  a  prime target for  anorexia, having been   badly bullied and spending every lunchtime in the school library she was an easy target.  When Ana approached her  with support and solutions for weight loss she seemed to be  the  much longed for friend for Leila  and   when Leila went to the dreaded PE lesson it was a  different experience from the usual  humiliation  of being last to be picked for a team – this time she had a companion  – albeit an invisible one – who was telling her the bullies were fat and disgusting and she – Leila – was better than them ? I couldn’t have done a better job myself of empowering her  ? Ana was her only ally against the school  bullies.

So companionship  and bonding figure highly  in the beginning – even later after dangerous weightloss and daily abuse  many  anorexics are reluctant  to let Ana  go , they  think they are nothing without Ana  because Ana has tricked them into thinking this and  for someone with no friends ( and with Ana in control of your life you will  most likely end up with  very few friends)  and loves being slim it’s easy to see why they don’t want to let Ana go, also  Ana is always there when  everyone else has gone.   But lets not get carried away with how nice Ana is because she is  a nasty evil  piece of work  and is only  being nice in the beginning  so she can  get in and take over,  and pursuede her victim that killing themselves is their best option remember most anorexia deaths are suicide – the body can live for years as a skinny person suffering from anorexia but ana wants  results so she will bombard her victim with insults 24 / 7 to get a suicide.

That’s Ana’s mission  to  keep her  host  away from God and Jesus   and to kill them but as she can’t  actually kill them  herself she can only persuade her host / victim  to kill themselves by starving to death or by suicide  they believed  Ana was a friend when they allowed her in but  then they find out what an evil entity that have let in,  my daughter went on a crazy long walk when she was at her worst and Ana told her to throw herself under an oncoming bus,   most anorexia deaths are caused by suicide but the stats are shrouded in secrecy, often an anorexic suicide will be labelled as anorexic related death.

So to sum up –  in the beginning  of anorexia there is a honeymoon period of fun and empowerment Ana is the fearless  friend that emboldens the victim  and seems to be fighting their corner – but it’s all fake, a lie – it is Ana seducing,  manipulating them so she can get her endgame  which is  death.  Sorry if this sounds extreme  but someone  dies every hour of anorexia?

Ana tricks  victims  to let her in  then  after letting Ana in the host finds themselves  powerless to stop  this demonic squatter in their head.

Only the power of Jesus can evict  demon Ana






Demons caught on film

 I have been saying for a long time that demons are the cause of anorexia so it is  exciting for me to find some on  youtube from cctv  uploads – the guys who uploaded this one have  said it is a ghost but this is actually a demon – this is what they look like, when the demon gets bigger that is when it is going close to the cctv camera


there will be loads of demons caught on CCTV – most of the youtubers don’t know they are demons they think they are ghosts but I have seen a ghost and they don’t look like demons

don’t watch this stuff last thing at night if you get scared- stay close to Jesus for safety

Anorexia Ana is a demon imposter

So what does Ana look like ?

Anorexia is a separate entity  – a demonic entity  (sounds insane right ?)  that sneaks into people’s mind and gets a grip – this is what I have found out about it  and this is  what it looks like , there are 2 types of  anorexic demons – dark shadows or dark clouds the texture of the cloud is incredibly weird, this is a sketch I did but I think the texture of the cloud is a bit more spikey than this.



I found this  interesting post by Katie Hill about how she came to draw her eating disorder – she had anorexia and created a  brilliant   graphic novel about it called Lighter than my Shadow which was / is a huge success – her demon cloud IS spikey.


The other type of demon that causes anorexia is a dark shadow type apparently they are often  around us but we can’t see them – some gifted people can see them, I don’t profess to have seen one but I know they exist.  Recently there was an article in the Daily Mail about a young girl who got anorexia – sadly nothing unusual about that – what was unusual was that she described her anorexia as being caused by  a demon dark shadow  that followed her around and told her she was fat, she  even drew a picture of it

this is the first time I have seen a mainstream newspaper address the issue of a demon being behind anorexia – a real demon that is – the comments section was closed  after 10 comments so there wasn’t much room for discourse, most comments said Lucy had schizophrenia because she heard the voice of “Ana” but anti psychotic drugs that are used to treat schizophrenia  can’t quash the voice of Ana because Ana isn’t an auditory hallucination , Ana is real.  And if they did a thorough  scientific investigation into this they would unveil the truth but not much money is being invested into anorexia research or other  eating disorders (yet billions are being made from them).

here is my  attempt at drawing a dark shadow demon harassing it’s victim


“you don’t deserve to eat you greedy COW!”

Another point is this –  people who have schizophrenia hear a different range of voices there is no unifying voice that they all hear , telling them all to do the  same thing .  But  the voice of Ana  and ED  is  the same all around the world  and it tells it’s victims the same thing – don’t eat , exercise more   also it tells them to kill themselves – and many do –  the biggest cause of death for anorexics is suicide  but the statistics are  unavailable and often a suicide  death will be filed under anorexia as cause of death  rather than suicide.

Many people who suffer from anorexia don’t tell anyone about the voice of Ana in case they are thought of as psychotic or insane,  medical professionals say that the  anorexic voice is the persons own “inner voice”. Manchester University are doing some research into the anorexic voice and I am looking forward to seeing the results (but not holding my breath).  Of course not every one gets a voice, many experience anorexia as compulsions – they feel  overwhelmingly  compelled to restrict food to  over exercise – some  mistake these compulsions as part of themselves  and not an outside entity that got in and hijacked their mind, this is especially true if someone gets it when they are very young – it feels like an” instinct” but it isn’t it is the  behavior of someone brainwashed, hypnotized  by evil Ana a real demon – who would’ve thought it – the truth is stranger than the fiction.  But a true investigation into anorexia isn’t happening in my opinion – people say they don’t understand it and leave it at that , when my daughter got this weird illness I really wanted to get to the truth of it ,  and I didn’t buy the explanation the medical world was giving , I digged deep and I found it.


Then you will know the truth and the Truth will set you Free

John 8:32

update edit – I have now seen many demons on CCTV footage on youtube hastily posted here

Anorexia Brainwashing

How  demon Ana sneaks in and takes over

 In this post I want to go into how the demons behind  anorexia take over  minds and get such a tight grip on them  that  victims mistake these invading, controlling entities  as an inherent  part of themselves.  Obviously if the person is very young it is so much easier for the demons to pass  off  their presence as part and parcel of the person’s inner being.

I referred to anorexia as a manifestation of demonic entities  and I wasn’t joking,   I realise  it sounds bonkers but I found this to be the very strange truth of   what really lies behind  anorexia .    If we could see these demons they  look like dark clouds or shadows,  now  we would be terrified if we saw a dark cloud  approaching us   with the intent to kill   – we would run away from it,  so demons disguise themselves  as friendly, fun, supportive spirits and indeed  victims will attest to demons helping  them through very  difficult periods of their lives but  this is  all part of the demons ultimate  mission  which is destruction and death,   they can’t directly kill their victims demons  can only convince their victims to kill themselves – by starving or suicide – and that’s how anorexia starts – by someone  desperately wanting to be slimmer  and demons seizing  the opportunity to “help” the person lose weight.  Demons live in the air around us and are always on the lookout for new victims, however a little known truth is  that demons can’t touch anyone who believes and follows Jesus – they are off limits   and are untouchable  because they belong to Jesus.

Writer and illustrator   Katie Green depicts an anorexic demon  very well in her graphic novel Lighter than my Shadow – her demon is of the dark cloud variety ,   I was really excited about reading  this book but I ended up disappointed   because it focused on sexual abuse rather than exploring the  source  and nature of anorexia.

lighter-katie-green-cover-628x808 katie-green-lighter-than-my-shadow-05-628x819

It seems   the therapy Katie  received   led only to  an acceptance  that  the sexual abuse she  was  victim to was tied up with her anorexia – even though the sexual abuse happened when she already had  anorexia.   After an exciting first half – for me –  it  came to  a vague and  inconclusive ending.

Why do therapists have to merge  sexual abuse and anorexia ?  The two don’t always go together, linking them  can  even have disastrous consequences   as in the case of Jenny Hendricks  which leads me onto another book I want to mention –  Slim to None by Jenny and Gordon Hendricks.


Jenny suffered and died at 25 years old from anorexia , her father Gordon Hendricks compiled  Jenny’s diaries after her death  and based this book around them supported by his writing, this is a harrowing read yet I couldn’t put it down.  Jenny comes through her diaries so strongly and Gordon writes so well.     I recommend this book because it is so     truthful albeit tragic.  Jenny comes across as a lovely  person, a regular American girl who was dissatisfied with her body  from a  young age,  she was diagnosed with anorexia when she was 14 years old but had been living with it for quite a long time previous to the diagnosis.

  Jenny is a perfect example of someone who was taken over by a demonic entity as a  child  and grew up  with this  controlling  demon inside her  and sadly  mistook it   as part of herself, these demons are so sneaky and evil they know how to trick the  mind, how to get a grip and  also how to stay well hidden from the human eye.

Jenny had a psychiatrist who was a follower of Freud   she kept on at  Jenny for  weeks, months even  to try to  remember any sexual abuse in her past and then linked   these vague recollections  to Jenny’s anorexia. It seems the demon took advantage of this  and gave Jenny really ugly,  disturbing  impressions of sexual abuse that  tortured her mind adding  to the already  existing torture  which was  the daily  terror  of weight gain and eating .    Jenny  later  admitted  that she wasn’t  even  sure if  any sexual abuse really took place.  The psychiatrist also recommended that  Jenny should stop seeing   her mother, so Jenny’s mother stopped visiting Jenny just  when  she needed her most.

 Some medical professionals (even NHS)  have looked to dominant mothers to be the cause of anorexia ,  when I first took my daughter to the GP with anorexia he asked  me ( in an  unmistakably admonishing way ) to wait in the   waiting room so he could talk to her  without me.     In Katie Green’s  book Lighter than My Shadow she too is advised by therapists to  break all ties to her mother , thereby isolating her and giving  free reign to the demon to strengthen it’s grip.

  One of the first things the demon does when it gets a hold is to isolate the person from it’s loved ones – starting with the mother, I know this from experience of my daughter’s anorexia – she used to head off to the loft where she could be alone with the demon and exercise like mad.

Jenny’s anorexia demon controlled her through compelling urges although she does mention an inner voice sometimes in her diary. Demons present as compelling urges or  for others it is an actual voice aka Ana.

Jenny  was from a Christian family and considered herself a Christian – later in the book when she was near her death she prays and speaks to God – but not Jesus – I am convinced that as Christians we really do have to have close daily personal contact with Jesus as the way to God – if Jenny had prayed to Jesus she could’ve beaten the demon anorexia because these demons are  terrified of Jesus  – and they all know who He is too, but she focused on God.

 She made  friends  at one stage with some  Christians who had recovered from anorexia through Christ and for a while it seemed she was on the right path but they freaked her out one day when she visited their house,  they were setting the  scene for an exorcism – her exorcism – she ran out of the house never to return  and that was the end of that.  So sad because all that is required for an  exorcism  ( I don’t like that word really it is too theatrical and conjures up weird goings on ) is a belief in Jesus, you don’t need to be a priest in a black robe with a crucifix either  all you have to do is pray in Jesus’s name – it says in the Bible that anyone who believes and follows Jesus has the authority to cast out demons – and it is true.   Another little known  but mind blowing truth which I mentioned earlier but I will repeat is that if you are close to Jesus demons can’t get you.

Demons are ultra clever and  if Jenny’s  Christian friends  were set on driving out the demon that was slowly  killing Jenny then the demon controlling  Jenny  would know this and alert Jenny to get well away from them.

 In fact I had an awkward situation similar to this recently  – a friend – not a close friend – a young guy , a school friend of my daughter really  – his girlfriend has anorexia – he was telling me about it one day, he told me how his girlfriend saw this dark shadow in the corner of her room every night, (demons are fluid and can move in and out of their victims )  well I bumped into him with his girlfriend on a street in town and chatted to  them  I said  I could help to get rid of it for her – she got into a state and she said the demon was screaming at her very loud and could I leave her alone – I felt really bad and now  I am very hesitant to intervene personally.

So why is Jesus never acknowledged as the cure of anorexia ? Why is He being kept out ? After all UK is a Christian country and I get the impression  the  Queen truly believes in Jesus.   Admittedly it is alot to take onboard – that demons are causing anorexia – it’s laughable even  and if you asked me my opinion on demons five years ago I wouldn’t have had  one but when your child is turning into a skeleton in front of your eyes you  will consider anything.

 The eating disorder industry is worth billions probably  even trillions – hospitals, residential facilities,   doctors, nurses,  psychiatrists,  psychologists, therapists, dietitians, catering contracts etc etc  all cost money  albeit  there is  a shockingly  low recovery rate.   But the most shocking fact of all   is the lack of research into anorexia

They  say anorexia is about control  and that’s true but it is the demon that is doing the controlling.  What compounds the situation and makes it  even worse is  that when someone tells the health professionals caring for them  of a voice in their head 24/7 telling them not to eat and to exercise more they will  be told in return  that the voice they are hearing is their own “inner voice”. They insist this mad angry voice belongs to  the patient  – how confusing and unhelpful is that ?  How are you supposed to fight it if it is part of you ?

Anorexia is an outside entity that gets in and can be got out but I have to add that it will not be happy ever after  straight away  even when you have evicted the demon .   Unfortunately the  demon’s brainwashing remains even after it has gone so it is still a daily struggle, there are many pitfalls on the road of recovery one of them is the risk of developing bulimia in fact 50% will succumb and bulimia has just as high a rate of suicide as anorexia. Choosing recovery  is the first step which isn’t easy because the demon tells it’s victims they are nothing without them and many victims believe this and are genuinely confused as to who they are without the demon controlling them.  You have to have faith that you will recover even though recovery is a not easy and recovery isn’t possible with a demon in control.

Hypnotherapy is a good way to erase the disordered warped thought process the demon left  you  with such as thinking you look like a sumo wrestler when you are weight restored and being clueless as to what constitutes a portion size ,  so support is essential.  But you won’t have the nasty voice goading you on and you will feel a peace that has eluded you for so long – beware also that the demon will try to get back in – all you have to say to it is Go away in the name of Jesus -and  it will disappear  but  you don’t have to take my word for it  try it  yourself and see.

The reason why recovery from anorexia is so elusive

The reason  why recovery from anorexia is so elusive, so long, so frustrating  and so difficult is because  medical professionals restore weight but don’t target and identify the underlying cause / source of anorexia, because on the whole they don’t know what it is.  The true source of anorexia is demonic activity  but  Mental Health Professionals are mostly atheist so will not engage with this theory .

Many people  who suffer from anorexia   know  at some level that anorexia is demonic and  even have a name for their  demon  such as Ana, ED etc.    Ana presents  as   either  strong urges that feel like “instincts”  or the victim   hears  an actual  voice  constantly yelling at them to not eat to over exercise etc.   I think the most dangerous is the “instinctual ”   manifestation because if this happens at a young age then Ana is welded into the victims identity and it is difficult to separate  the two – the person suffering from anorexia thinks Ana  IS  part of their identity and that’s want Ana wants  – she wants her victim (host) to recede so she can  expand and have full  control over them.  Ana knows her victims better than they know themselves she knows their weak spots, she knew  how to sweet  talk her way into them in the first place to  gain  control.  Ana works on a subconscious level too – it’s very clever  – she imprints a dogma onto their consciousness to not eat and to be thin – also she manipulates their mind to see fat where it doesn’t exist and to be repulsed by it – I don’t know how these  demons  do it but they do.

That’s why there are hundreds of thousands of people stuck in recovery, unable to move on.   It’s   like   someone in a hypnotists stage show that has been given an instruction by the stage hypnotist to carry out a silly task and keeps on doing this silly task until the hypnotist brings them out of it but they haven’t been brought out of it they are stuck in a destructive mindset seemingly for good.   Demon Ana  works   like a virus in a computer, she makes everything go horribly wrong  – I think maybe  hypnotherapy  can  offer a solution that can  reboot the mind and  wipe away all Ana’s warped, disordered thoughts once and for all leaving the mind  free  and able to lead  that longed for  yet  elusive “normal life”.

This brings to mind the case of Celia Imrie , she got anorexia in her teens when she was told she was too big to be a ballerina,  her parents knew a renowned  hypnotherapist at St Marys Hospital he did some weird stuff on her  subconscious and she always berates this man but  she is completely free of anorexia to the extent that she recently said people with anorexia are “self absorbed and she wants to shake them.”

Hypnotherapy is a fascinating subject and I suggest you do your own research

Most people  trying to  recover from  anorexia with  the best will in the world  seem to find themselves  tied to  a treadmill of the same disordered , destructive thought process  day in day out.  The internet is full of  recovery blogs  and yet  many if not most are seemingly getting nowhere and  consequently  just live a half life, unable to get  closure with Ana and move on .   Healthcare professionals  even offer the conclusion that you will be fighting anorexia  for the rest of your life ?  Hypnotherapy could potentially change all that .

Hypnosis for  eating disorders make perfect sense and it is becoming more and more popular, it especially  works  well for bulimia,  anorexia can be treated too it just takes longer .   I think the reason why  is  if Ana – a demonic entity – is  active and still controlling  the anorexic  person, presenting as strong urges or an actual voice,   then hypnosis is pointless because Ana will block and counter the hypnotherapist’s efforts making it ineffective  and a waste of money.

The first thing to ascertain in  a person recovering from  anorexia  is this – is  Ana  still inside controlling them or not ?

And so I think   it is  very important to evict  Ana   first before  embarking on   hypnotherapy sessions.   You can do this by praying to Jesus – the strength of your belief in Jesus is what powers the eviction of Ana – it is easy and a kind of miracle too.    You see Ana will not give up the territory she has claimed on her victims mind and body  –   only Jesus can scare off Ana  no other name has  the same effect – Ana  is terrified of  Jesus and if Jesus lives in your heart there is no room for Ana she will stay well away.

You have by now realized  that  I believe / I know that anorexia is a demonic entity , yes  it sounds insane  and if you asked me 3 years ago if I believed in demons   I would probably have  said no, I wasn’t actually  interested in them,  but when your  daughter is turning into a skeleton before your eyes as mine was you would  be prepared to consider anything.  I wanted to get to the root  of this  anorexia  and I wasn’t buying the given causes,  one day I said to my daughter “What’s driving you – it’s demonic?”  after saying this    I looked on the internet  for any connection between anorexia and demons, I came across 2 or 3 people referring to anorexia as demonic oppression – this is the guy who helped me the most



I don’t go to church but I do believe in Jesus so it was natural  for me to pray with my daughter to get rid of the anorexia demon and it was easy to get it out –  I don’t remember  an actual moment when it left,  but my daughter did have a dream around that time and in the dream  she said I was shouting at a dark cloud. I found out later that demons if we could see them look like dark clouds or shadows.  When my daughter  was free of the demon she said that she felt deflated – Ana  was her only friend  and  she actually missed the demon as a constant companion   – this sounds very wrong doesn’t it – but she was telling the truth and this should be acknowledged –  I have since discovered to my astonishment that many anorexics want Ana in their life  ?  Some even celebrate it – pro Ana – and seem to taunt others trying to recover with “triggering” images on social media  which  obviously hinders recovery  and drags them back into  destructive anorexic  behavior.   Anorexia  can be  very  competitive too – they  are all vying to be the thinnest   because Ana wants it that way,  Ana winds them up and plays them off each other so they are all competing  to look like skeletons.

If you go on a fast  it does make you high,   I have experienced it myself and this is nothing to do with anorexia but Ana exploits  this euphoria for her own gain – she makes out the “fasting high ” is her doing  and and keeps pushing you to get the fasting high.  Ana uses anything to get her way, she has special tricks and talents because she is a demon  now but  used to be  an angel and so has all the special skills that angels have to help people , only Ana  being a fallen angel uses them to destroy.

Another point I want to make is this – demons that have been evicted do try to get back in, they will appear when you are vulnerable  but saying to them Go away in the name of Jesus gets rid of them they just flee when they hear the name Jesus – no other name has this  effect.

I couldn’t have got rid of the demon Ana and it’s destruction of my daughter   without Jesus’s name and power that’s for sure  so all thanks to Him  and  Jesus’s help  is  absolutely free of charge which is awesome when you consider the ED industry is making billions   from people’s misery .

So  the demonic entity  was gone  from my daughter – which was  such a relief   also it was so weird  and shocking   to find  the true cause of this horrible affliction which had been   the worst thing to ever happen to us as a family  – but   it wasn’t quite “happy ever after ”  because even though Ana was no longer  controlling  our daughter  like before she wasn’t back to normal either  regarding eating , body image  and food.  It seems all recovering anorexics will still  think normal weight is mammoth, many even  try to commit suicide at this point – the weight gain makes them feel that bad – so  embedded is Ana’s mantra of  ultra thin is best .   My daughter   has been discharged from CAMHS and  is doing really well  but she still isn’t right. So I am currently looking for a hypnotherapist  to reach her subconscious level,  this is where Ana worked on her and this is where it seems you  have go  to undo Ana’s destructive  mindset and reprogramme, reboot  the subconscious mind, otherwise you are still under Ana’a spell she leaves an imprint and  it seems  anorexia can be  easily activated  again or kept alive or it’s like a dark corner always beckoning, enticing you to relapse when life gets tough but no good can ever come from being with Ana because she is destruction and death.     Hypnotherapy is well worth looking into because recovery is so hard for so many people who really really want to get better but feel helpless and unable to so.


How anorexia first begins


Anorexia demons are always on the lookout for new victims, they look for people who are desperate, one case comes to mind of someone close to me – lets call her Romy, Romy had left school behind and started 6th form to do her A levels she was full of good intentions but was struck by social  and academic anxiety,  when she went to college it was a new experience and it overwhelmed her, she was lonely and quietly terrified.   Then right on time along comes a solution  – or so it seems – you see  demons disguise themselves as a benevolent force, they  communicate by a  sort of telepathy or an actual voice.  So this demon threw Romy a lifeline, or so it seemed, it offered a way out of the terrifying situation, it offered companionship and support it was only later it turned nasty and made life even worse.

Anorexia can creep in  when   someone  is despairing over their body , wishing they were slimmer and  getting really worked up about it , they have probably compared themselves (unfavourably)  to a celebrity on social media.  Social media is expert at winding young people up – the age group that falls prey to anorexia is the age group that is vulnerable to comparisons – we have all been there – when I was young it was Debbie Harry who reigned supreme as the most beautiful woman that we all wanted to look like but didn’t.    It’s often after going on social media that girls will make a decision to go on a diet  and   this is where anorexia demons seize their opportunity .   Indeed many people that come to my site have typed in “anorexia brainwashing”  – they want to be brainwashed by Ana to get slim to feel worthy and perfect instead of feeling not good enough in comparison to people posing on social media.  Many anorexics refer to their illness as a demon  – aka  Ana –  many will  endure an abusive  relationship with Ana  for many years (or even their whole life )  for a number of reasons – companionship , thinness , fear   also fear of being without Ana because Ana instils it into her victims that they will be nothing without her, thousands rub along with  this demonic thing living in them, living a half life, a miserable life trapped by abusive Ana.  But not many will actually come out and say  anorexia  is  a demon, and although many people with anorexia have Ana’s  voice constantly yelling at them they are reluctant to share this,  below  is a link to a programme on BBC about guys with anorexia and James lets the cat out of the bag by sharing with us everything the anorexic voice is telling him – the  later BBC Louis Theroux  programme on anorexia edited out any mention of the anorexic voice



Demons will groom and feed their  potential victims with  suggestion such as “why not skip breakfast ” this will present as a strong urge or an actual voice. If the victim is really young they can mistake the thought / urge that the demon sends them as their own  “instinct” and will go along with it, I think this manifestation is the most dangerous because the demon entwines itself  around the host and makes the host / victim identify as the demon, this is what the demon wants because control is easy this way.   When Ana the  demon presents as a voice it is usually the voice of a popular girl  (albeit  a bit hissy) the kind of friend most teens follow,  so these demons are expert at getting in and when they are in and the victim is listening an agreement seems to be made between them  because Ana expects full commitment and in return the victim will be slim and perfect like all those on social media  Ana the demon  grooms   her victims and bonds with them by being the friend they have always dreamed of –  demons used to be angels so have a very special skill set – they know their victims better than they know themselves they know what makes them laugh they know their victims emotional needs.

So in the beginning  anorexia  is a heady , exciting time for the victim, because the victim seems to be empowered, is  losing weight  and has a new friend, therefore feels  more attractive, successful, popular  and lovable.

My own daughter  Leila was  a  prime target for  anorexia, she had been  badly bullied and was spending every lunchtime in the school library alone and  isolated.   When Ana approached her  with support and solutions for weight loss she seemed to be  the  much longed for friend for Leila  and   when Leila went to the dreaded PE lesson it was a  different experience from the usual  humiliation  of being last to be picked for a team – this time she had a companion  – albeit an invisible one – who was telling her the bullies were fat and disgusting and she – Leila – was better than them ? I couldn’t have done a better job myself of empowering her  ? Ana was her only ally against the school  bullies.

Companionship  and bonding figure highly  in the beginning of anorexia  – and even later on anorexics are reluctant  to let her go , Ana has tricked them into thinking they are nothing without her and they are inseparable  for someone with no friends, and loves being slim it’s easy to see why they don’t want to let Ana go, also  Ana is always there when  everyone else has gone.   But lets not get carried away with how nice Ana is because of course really she is  a nasty piece of work  and is only  being nice to get in, take over and achieve her endgame.

Ana’s mission is  the death of her victims and to keep them away from God but she can’t  actually kill them she can only persuade them to kill themselves by starving to death or by suicide,  many if not most anorexia deaths are caused by suicide but the stats are shrouded in secrecy.   So we should   be aware of the bonding process in the beginning and the strength of the relationship  between the person with anorexia and their demon,  in the beginning it is a honeymoon period of fun and empowerment Ana is the fearless  friend that emboldens them and is fighting their corner – but it’s all fake, a lie – it is Ana seducing, working  them so she can accomplish her mission  – death.

The stats  bear out the seriousness of the situation – someone  dies every hour of anorexia.  Ana dupes her victims  with sweet talk to let her in then when she is allowed in and she has her feet under the table she will reveal her true nature  and the host is powerless to stop  this demonic squatter in their head.

The host is powerless to stop Ana but there is someone who Ana is terrified of – his name is Jesus – you are powerless to stop Ana but Jesus is powerful and can get  Ana out of your head  – only Jesus can wash away the damage Ana has done to you – but Jesus only goes where He is invited ?